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Birth Control Questions and Answers
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Quality answers to all your questions about any kind of birth control.

Welcome To Birthcontrol!

Are you looking for a new form of birth control? Having problems with your current method? Just interested in what your options are? Then you're in the right place. birthcontrol is the place to discuss all methods of birth control- hormonal methods, condoms, IUDs, FAM, and more. We aren't biased toward any particular method. Our goal is to get correct information to those who want/need it, so they can make their own informed decisions.

Because of the nature of the information we give here, we're a fact-based community, dedicated to giving accurate information to women and men.

If you're experiencing severe pain, severe bleeding or are feeling suicidal, please call your doctor or 911. We can't help or diagnose you, and you will get much better, more reliable information from an actual medical practitioner.

This community is owned by mslaynie. Your other moderators are (in alphabetical order):

dindin, sioneva, thette and tisiphone

Our Webmaster is scien.

Questions or comments regarding this community should be directed to the moderators in bc_talk. Contacting moderators regarding this community by way of their personal journals or by private message is not appropriate and may lead to banning.

birthcontrol is set to moderated posting. With moderators in several time zones (and sleeping patterns), we will approve your post as quickly as we can.

Community Rules:

1. Check the FAQ

  • Most topics have been thoroughly discussed and saved in the community memories. Check them before you post, you may find your answers there!

  • If you're on "the pill", please tell us which brand. It's helpful!

2. Read your insert

  • All hormonal birth control (HBC) methods come with an instruction sheet that contains information about dosage, instructions and potential side effects.

    • It is very important to take your pills exactly as instructed in your insert - if you miss a pill, the instructions are there to help protect you. Many popular pill brands also have websites. Ex: OTC-lo = http://www.thepill.com

    • If you don't have your insert, check pillpamphlets. We have links to most of them there.

  • If you want to take your pills in a way that is not in the insert, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist to ensure that you will still be protected.

3. Types of posts we will reject

  • We get so many posts about potential side effects of HBC and which brand to take that we’ve put together this FAQ to help answer them. Since it's the only possible answer for us to give, we don't allow posts with the following types of questions:

    • Do you like this brand?,
    • What brand should I take?,
    • What brand should I switch to?,
    • What side effects did you have on this brand?,
    • What side effects will I have on this brand?,
    • My doctor prescribed me X - is this a good pill?,
    • Is X brand good/bad for x side effect?

  • All polls, advertisement, community promotion or other promotion of any kind must be cleared by the moderation team in bc_talk prior to posting. Only on-topic posts will be considered.

  • Posts which are not submitted in the default font, size and color will be rejected.

  • As a courtesy to those reading your post,'net/chat speak is discouraged. Please take a moment to check your post for basic spelling/grammar.

4. No rumors, anecdotes or misinformation

  • This means only giving information for which you can link to a valid scientific source (Ex. A pill pamphlet, a medical journal, a clinical trial, Planned Parenthood, an online medical book, etc.).

  • Unfortunately we cannot accept second-hand information such as a friend's experience, "I heard", "I read", or even "my doctor said".

    • Because we're giving other women and men information to prevent unintentended pregnancies, it's critical that the information we give them here is 100% accurate.

  • We welcome you to share your own personal experience, as long as you present it as personal experience, not as fact or what someone else will experience.

  • You may not recommend a particular brand or method.

    • Side effects are as similar and as different as women. If anyone was able to predict a brand experience, no one would ever need to switch brands.

  • Statements that say or imply 'I did X and I never got/haven't gotten pregnant' are not allowed.

    • This is for everyone's benefit: since we have no way of knowing if you didn't get pregnant because you were doing everything correctly or because you were lucky, we do not allow anyone to give these types of comments.

  • This community can provide only general advice which can be validated with a linked scientific source.

    • Even those in the community with medical training and degrees can't diagnose or prescribe over the internet. We can't recommend a brand or give medical advice, but we're more than happy to give you ideas and information to help you talk with your health care provider.

5. No drama/attitude.

  • Keep things polite and non-judgmental. Birth control is a personal, sensitive topic for many people, and we want this to be a comfortable community for everyone. We're here to have constructive, respectful dialogue, and that includes when we have to have our facts checked, clarified or debated.

    • We have ALL had our facts checked at one point; take it as a learning opportunity, not a personal offense.
      If you're not comfortable with being asked to provide a source or being corrected, you may feel more comfortable in other communities.

  • Please do not edit your post once it has been approved. We encourage you to clarify and add more information with replies to comments.

  • Please do not delete your own posts, or your own or others' comments. There's rarely a reason for it, and it's extremely disruptive to the community.

    • Deleting comments is grounds for a warning, and possibly banning, based on circumstances.

  • We understand that some of our members may not want to use their primary journals here. Please feel free to create a "community" or "anonymous" journal to post and comment here. Creating a second journal takes only moments.

  • Please do not comment on old posts; doing so will result in a moderator warning. We try to keep things current and available for all for our members to benefit. Feel free to reference an old post in yours!

  • Similarly, do not use someone else's post to ask your question, unless it is directly related to the original post.

    • Doing so will result in your comment being screened and a moderator warning.

    • Even if you think the question has been asked before, we're more than happy to see yours. You'll get much better information, and the community will benefit more than if you "piggyback" on someone else's.

  • If you have a problem, please contact the moderation staff in bc_talk. We welcome your thoughts and questions there about the community itself and the moderation staff.

  • 6. We welcome your posts in our sister community am_i_pregnant and encourage you to decide which community your post is better suited for.

    • Cross-posts will be rejected.

    7. No promotion of illegal activities

    • The selling or giving of prescription medication to anyone other than whom it was prescribed is dangerous and illegal and is not allowed. If you have extra packs you want to get rid of, talk with your healthcare provider's office about your options.

    • In regards to any discussion, mention or promotion of unproven, non-medically recommended (by major medical bodies) or herbal methods of male or female birth control including but not limited to Centchroman/Saheli: any comments of this nature will be immediately deleted by the moderators and considered an official warning for the commenter.

      • This community is committed to accurate information regarding all methods of clinically proven birth control. These methods do not fit that criteria.

    • Questions about the effecitiveness of these types of methods are welcome.

    • The non-judgmental discussion of recreational drug use is allowed as it relates to birth control, however the promotion or glorification of this activity is prohibited.

    8. On topic posts only

    • No posting of quizzes, community promos, or things that would fit better in your personal journal.

    • The moderators reserve the right to enforce these rules, and any others they deem necessary, as they see fit.

Breaking the Rules

  • Your first offense you will receive an official moderator warning. Any correction or comment made to you with a moderator icon or with the subject "Moderator Comment/Warning", should be considered an official warning.

  • Your second offense you will be automatically banned from posting or commenting in birthcontrol for two weeks. After two weeks you can ask in bc_talk for the ban to be lifted.

  • Continued offenses result in an automatic ban and removal from birthcontrol.

Ignorance of or about the rules will not get you out of a warning, nor will "not meaning to" break the rules. We have carefully thought out our rules, and will be happy to have a constructive discussion about them with you in bc_talk. However, arguing with us is not likely to accomplish anything.

Participation in this community is an automatic acceptance of the rules. If you do not like them, we encourage you to find a community whose rules more closely suit your needs.

We welcome your questions and concerns at any time in bc_talk.

We look forward to your participation and to helping you.

This community is owned by: mslaynie

and run by: dindin, sioneva, thette, and tisiphone.

Birth Control Brand Websites

OrthoEvra (the patch)
Ortho Tri-Cyclen lo
Loestrin 24FE

Useful resources:

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