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Lo Loestrin vs Loestrin 24

My insurance sucks ass and no longer covers my birth control (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo). After major mis-communication between my doctor and me, I will no longer be switched to just regular Ortho Tri-Cyclen. I'm not sure why but they're afraid to put me on it cause I could have a bad side effect. That doesn't make sense to me cause there's only one way for me to see if something doesn't agree with my body. But anyways.

They have some samples of Loestrin they want me to take to see how my body reacts. That's fine. No big deal. That's $70 a month I won't have to pay (yes, SEVENTY DOLLARS). I specifically called back and asked the nurse which Loestrin it was and Lo Loestrin or Loestrin 24. Either would work.

The Lo Loestrin won't do me any good as there's no generic and would still cost me $70 a month. There is a generic for 24 however, which would work great.

But I'm a little confused. Is Loestrin 24 also a "low" dose or hormones? Cause I thought it would be but my friend said it's not. So now I'm confused as to why she would suggest that if it's not a low hormone dose. Or maybe she just wants me to try it to make sure I'm not gonna have some adverse reaction?

Ugh. I hate insurance and the stupid people who made the generic version of Ortho Tri-Cyclen go away. Hate. So much.
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