Kerry (innerstate) wrote in birthcontrol,

can i induce my period early?

I am beginning the third week of my cycle. I have four more active pills until I start taking my placebo pills, and my period usually comes on the 3rd day of placebo pills. I have a feeling that my period is going to come on or around the day that I am seeing my boyfriend for the first time in a month. Obviously, I don't want this to happen! Please help me with these two questions I have.

1) Can I just stop taking the active pills now, as if it was time to take placebo pills, and will my period come? (Again, I only have 4 active pills left to take.)

2) If I can do that, can I also just start right back up with the last four pills after I am done with my placebo week? Or should I throw away the pack once I start the placebo week?

I really don't like the idea of skipping a period by moving straight onto a second pack. It freaks me out and seems really unnatural.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: early periods, moving your period, skipping periods (monophasic)
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