xprettyinpink_1 (xprettyinpink_1) wrote in birthcontrol,

nuvaring and antibiotics

I have been on the nuvaring for over a year and a half now, and about a week ago i got this terrible throat infection in which my doctor prescribed me azithromycin to treat. I know that the nuvaring has had studies done for amoxicilin (sp?) and this does not seem to interfere with the release of hormones, but i can't find anything on azithromycin!  I started this treatment on friday, and it went through tuesday. tuesday i took out my ring for my ring-free week. I had sex today, with a condom but i'm still probably the most paranoid person in the world about getting preggo. my question is, should i go get the morning after pill tomorrow? or does anyone have any information about the interaction between the antibiotic and the nuvaring. thanks!
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