. (ladymauv) wrote in birthcontrol,

Getting my period before the placebo pills, not during

When I was on week 2 of my pills this month (Nortrel 1/35-28), I noticed some bleeding, when there definitely shouldn't have been any bleeding then. It was pretty heavy, similar to my period, and it lasted for a few days. Now that I'm on my placebo pills, I haven't gotten my period at all yet.

I've been on Nortrel since October. I usually take my pill at 10 on the dot, and I'm very rarely late beyond an hour, and if I am, it doesn't happen two days in a row. I've been pretty consistent with it all along. I missed my period my first month on Nortrel, but since then, they've been regular.

So, am I still protected even though my period is out of whack this month? Should I be concerned? I don't know how much I should worry about this, so any help is appreciated. Thank you!
Tags: breakthrough bleeding, late period, missing periods, spotting
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